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Welcome to the Standout Experience Podcast with John Walsh!

This podcast aims to help and inspire you to be a standout in your career and in every area of your life! Each week is like a mini-masterclass with a high-profile Standout, a top expert, a caring mentor or someone like you going through the Standout journey.  When you listen to each episode, you will think, learn, grow, laugh and be challenged.  You will hear amazing stories of personal struggle and triumph.  You will get real world advice, lessons and strategies but you will also get tactics and other takeaways that you can apply immediately. 

Just remember: you can’t standout unless you stand up and put these ideas to work. Are you ready to rise, shine and impact?

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  • We can share some of these key Podcast facts:
  • 197 million Americans have heard about podcasts.
  • 32% of Americans listen to podcasts at least once a month.
  • On average, 45% of podcast listeners have an annual household income of more than $250,000.
  • 54% of podcast consumers say they think about buying advertised products.
  • Podcasts generate more than 4x the brand recall that display or pop-up ads do
  • Businesses spend more than $500 million on podcast advertising.
  • More than 60% percent of listeners who heard an ad on a podcast were likely to purchase a product

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