John Walsh is an energetic, passionate and inspirational speaker who has delivered insightful stories, key ideas and critical action steps (he calls “IDEActions”) to thousands of students and young professionals in colleges, universities, high schools, Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations across the country. John is widely known for speaking about personal development, leadership and making a difference using lessons learned and insights gained from a heartwarming journey that started with being homeless in high school to becoming an executive with the Walt Disney Company and Madison Square Garden Company to founding and leading the Standout Movement. His passion and purpose is focused on inspiring and helping students and young professionals prepare for life and stand out early and often in their own career.

Whether addressing 500+ professionals at a major leadership conference or talking informally to a small group of students, John shares valuable lessons and action plans that leave a lasting impression on his audience. He is also known and respected for staying connected with his clients and providing one-on-one or group coaching and mentoring long after the speaking engagements have ended. Unlike other keynote speakers, his personal journey and humble approach are easy to connect and associate with. John believes deeply in getting to know the people in the audience and he becomes personally invested in their successes.

Some of John’s most requested talks are listed below. Each of these topics and any others upon request will be tailored to your individual needs and expected outcomes. Please contact us if you want to learn more or if you would like to make a request for John to speak. Thank you very much for your interest and we wish you all the best.

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Common Speaking Topics

Standing Out Early And Often

John’s career at Disney began as an intern and led to an executive role in a very short period of time. He was moved to New York City to help launch Disney’s Streaming Services and then got recruited to an exciting role as the Senior Vice President of Finance for Venue Operations and Productions at the Madison Square Garden Company. John shares his formula for success developed at Disney and MSG along with the lessons he learned from conducting leader and high-performer interviews, reading hundreds of books, attending seminars and training sessions across the country and working with executive coaches. This insightful and inspirational session will help attendees accelerate their own success.

Power of Purpose

This presentation was delivered to hundreds of community leaders at Leadercast events in Florida. Everyone has a story to tell and John shares his own personal journey and lessons learned along the way. Through introspection, thoughtful ideas and questions, the audience will be asked to find their own purpose and take the necessary steps towards achieving that purpose.

“And”… Make a Living and Pursue Your Dream

One of the most overused excuses for not achieving a dream is that people don’t have time. John shares his personal stories and time-tested tactics to show that time is actually an asset and it’s possible to do anything you set your mind and heart on. Early in life, John overcame many challenges to graduate from college while working full-time and coaching youth basketball. More recently, John worked in a high-profile executive roles while training for marathons, having a family and founding and leading the Standout Movement. This talk takes a look at how you can make a living while pursuing your own dreams.

Lessons From a Startup

One of the most difficult challenges is to successfully launch a new company but there are a number of key lessons and tactics that John learned and developed that can be applied to your own opportunities. Even if you are not interested in launching a business, this presentation will give you the motivation and action steps to do anything that you believe is impossible today. In this presentation, John integrates his own insights with years of research and lesson learned from industry experts and key partners to help you in your own unique situation.

The Experience of You

While working for more than 18 years at Disney, John learned the value of experiences and the impact a company and a person can have on people. In this discussion, John talks about the “experience of you”, how important internal and external energy is you and others and what the difference makers are that enable you or your company to standout in a crowded and competitive market.